We need a Mickey Mouse classic games collection…

Honestly, the time for retro re-releases and retro collections is at an all-time high in recent years. We are seeing many ports of games many years or decades old, some games never even available in the United States previously as well as great collections of games that are only available on older platforms and can cost quite a bit to procure on those older platforms. The recently announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is just the most recent example and something I as a big Turtles fan could previously only dream of.

Despite licensed games having a somewhat deserved reputation of being quick cash-ins, there are plenty from the days of 8 and 16-bit gaming that are fondly remembered classics that we really have no way of playing on modern platforms beyond emulation. One of the biggest video game stars of that era is also one of the biggest animation icons of all time, one Mickey Mouse. His games weren’t just safe things for little kids to play, the vast majority were of extremely good quality by the likes of Capcom, Sega, and a few select others here and there.

So with that in mind, and Disney themselves seemingly being pretty darn open to re-releasing their older games on current platforms (the Disney Afternoon Collection, The Disney Classic Games Collection, and numerous Star Wars games), it would seem like there is no better time to compile some of the Mickey’s most historic and best games into one great collection for modern platforms for everyone to either experience for the first time or all over again (also maybe throw in a Donald Duck game or two in there he’s got a couple of real bangers such as Lucky Dime Caper and Quackshot).

Now granted, The Cowabunga Collection has a big advantage here, it’s all pretty much under one umbrella since all the games on it were published by Konami. As I mentioned, there are numerous games starring Mickey Mouse that would deserve a re-release on modern platforms, and not all of them have been published by one company. The Illusion series was published by Sega and is a bunch of great games, Capcom produced the Magical Quest series which are some of the best platformers of the 16-bit era. And if we are going for a collection that features both historical and fondly remembered games along with a couple of cool extras there’s Mickey Mousecapades which I’m sure most people who had an NES played when they were kids and remember quite fondly or the games that were never released over here such as Mickey’s Great Adventure In Tokyo Disneyland.

Granted, these could even theoretically be separate releases (An Illusion collection, a Magical Quest collection, etc.) but it would certainly make more sense to have one all-encompassing collection and I’m sure if there’s one company who would have the sway to get several publishers onboard for one big collection of video games featuring their most beloved character, it’s Disney. Mickey Mouse was a very big and important part of the video games of the early 80s and 90s and if we are revisiting and repackaging a lot of that era for a new generation of hardware, Mickey should really have his own collection reflecting that.

That’s it for today, but should definitely have another post sometime next week so see ya real soon!



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