Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The Enemy of my Enemy…


Marvel’s Midnight Suns latest DLC has arrived and it delves more into the storyline that started out in the Deadpool DLC along with making a major enemy from the main game an ally with the Lethal Protector, Venom joining the Midnight Suns as powerful and dangerous deals are struck with untrustworthy entities that I really hope we get answers about at some point be it a second season of DLC, a hopeful sequel (though apparently given sales that isn’t likely) or even wrapped up and the end of this wave of DLC.

But yeah, Venom a character you fight repeatedly in the main story of Midnight Suns now joins your team in the latest DLC. Now in the comics, Venom has gone from one of Spider-Man’s most sinister villains to at least some sort of anti-hero who has an uneasy truce with his former rival so that he’s a potential ally isn’t that surprising, but I really don’t think the writing in Midnight Suns earns this turn of events frankly. In the game, Venom is presented as a straight-up villain, nothing more.

Peter has a couple of lines of dialogue about hoping to save Eddie from himself, but that’s just Peter Parker being Peter Parker and feeling guilty he can’t save everyone. You get to this DLC and suddenly it’s oh no he’s been a good guy, even worked with Blade a few times, just is more on the extreme side of things and not a fan of Peter and vice versa, but they put their differences aside now. A few lines of dialogue in the main story explaining that yes Venom is a good guy but was corrupted by Lilith would’ve gone a long way, they literally do this for Wanda and Bruce, in order to separate them from someone like Sabretooth, who is a straight up unredeemable villain in the game. It’s not a deal-breaker or anything but it’s noticeably kinda plot-hole-filled writing.

In addition, even though Venom is now on your team, you can still fight him in the game as he’ll randomly show up in side missions just like Sabretooth can. It’s just a little odd having Venom, fight well Venom…

As a party member, yeah Venom is pretty cool and versatile. I actually think he’s more useful as a member than Deadpool even if Deadpool is more entertaining. He is yet another character that has a meter you can build up like Deadpool or Ghost Rider so I wonder if this is just a thing every DLC character will have in some form.

The story elements Venom’s DLC brings in are interesting so I really hope we get some sort of answer either by the final DLC or maybe as I stated earlier with a second season of DLC which I would be perfectly fine with as Marvel’s Midnight Suns remains a great game to play and dip back into even post-game with a new character and a little bit more story for a few hours. It’s just the way Venom is treated in the main story and then brought in for this DLC isn’t quite as smooth as it should be…

That’s all for today, I will definitely have another post next week but possibly not until next Sunday depending on scheduling so see ya real soon!



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