Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Deadpool crashes the party


I think it’s safe to say Marvel’s Midnight Suns was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2022. It successfully managed turn-based tactics with Marvel superheroes all while being card-based no less. It also managed to make characters both extremely familiar and characters that are relative unknowns have really compelling depth and relationships with each other.

But as it’s now nearly February and the game came out in early December, odds are you united the team and saved the world from being overrun by demons, there’s no reason to go back. Or is there? Firaxis is hoping several DLC packs featuring other Marvel characters are worth coming back for. The first of these features the merc with the mouth, Deadpool and he brings his unique style of chaos to the world of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Is he a worthwhile addition to the roster and more importantly, is the content he brings with him compelling enough to dip back into the game?

Fortunately, rather than just a quick introduction and then be added to your team with little to no fanfare, Deadpool does come with a story of his own along with a whole brand new enemy type to face. It’s not a long story, taking place over a handful of missions, but it’s an entertaining one, mostly due to Deadpool being well, Deadpool. The writing of Wade Wilson’s dialogue is mostly incredibly funny, and the fact that the member of the Midnight Suns who do know him find him at best incredibly annoying and at worst dangerously unreliable just adds to the fun. My one minor complaint would be in a few of the story missions it’s just Deadpool and one other character which kind of feels like you are given a serious handicap when you have been so used to being a party of three, but it’s certainly manageable.

I don’t think Deadpool’s deck is especially unique, he’s got an “en fuego” meter that if built up by the right cards can give him bonuses on other cards, and there are other heroes that have that kind of mechanic (namely Ghost Rider) but he’s still pretty fun to use. I upgraded a few of his cards and got a couple of new ones in my time with him, but admittedly did not take the time to fully flesh him out, that may wait til a new game+ if I ever have the time.

Without spoiling too much of the story part, Deadpool’s entrance and the missions you do with him potentially open up a lot of possibilities of where Marvel’s Midnight Suns could go. It really depends on if Firaxis is making one story using the DLC, planning future DLC that uses this stuff or setting up seeds for an eventual sequel, we won’t really know until future packs release honestly.

One thing I do wonder about is future characters and if they’ll be as entertaining. Venom? Probably. Storm and especially Morbius? Who knows. But this is a pretty promising start to the season pass DLC and I’m interested to see how they handle the rest. The Deadpool DLC is certainly worth dipping back into Midnight Suns for an afternoon or evening for a few hours just to experience the story and see how Deadpool plays but you’d obviously get a more full experience if you either aren’t too far in the game or starting a new game plus as that’s more incentive to use Deadpool more often with other characters and see how they mesh.

As I said, we’ll see where it goes from here, and at some point, I’d probably like to just start a new game after all the DLC drops and see how it all mingles together for a full game but this is a good start and we’ll see where Firaxis takes it from here. I should definitely have another post up Friday so see ya real soon!



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