Marvel’s Avengers: The not particularly mighty Thor

Hey, just in time for the cinematic release of Thor: Love and Thunder alongside another pretty significant update, Marvel’s Avengers has gotten its first new hero since Spider-Man, and if you don’t have the game on PlayStation its the first new hero since Black Panther. That hero being Jane Foster aka The Mighty Thor as she’s been named in her comic run as the goddess of thunder.

That’s a pretty long time without some fresh blood to play with. And the bigger problem is that frankly, aside from one move in particular, Jane Foster is pretty much just Thor as in terms of gameplay and no significant content comes with the addition of this character either. It made more sense with Spider-Man as that was a platform-exclusive character, and I’m not even asking for something as meaty as the Hawkeye and Kate Bishop story additions or the Black Panther expansion which added a whole new region but I dunno how about a new villain and/or a couple of new missions? It’s pretty clear we aren’t visiting Asgard at any point if it hasn’t been added with this character update.

And yeah the only major significance between the hammer twins in Marvel’s Avengers is Jane Foster does have one pretty cool unique special where Mjolnir just flies around on its own for a bit knocking the hell out of enemies, but again that really is it. And it leads to another question of what is the future of Marvel’s Avengers?

There is the big question of now with Crystal Dynamics being sold off to Embracer group how much longer that future even is (though maybe it keeps going longer that it would have under Square Enix for all we know) but also what kind of content.

Will future releases mostly maximize on some upcoming Marvel property for the foreseeable future (She-Hulk, has been long-rumored and was basically accidentally confirmed and also She-Hulk has a TV show coming out next month) and will that hamper efforts to create any additional content that would include new missions, villains or more story-centered stuff? Will the newer characters play much differently than the ones you can already use? You can argue that Jane Foster isn’t all that different from Thor so they’d play similarly but that is certainly not the case for say, She-Hulk, and Hulk so if those two play roughly the same I’d say it’s a problem.

Of course, we’ve sort of been wondering about Marvel’s Avengers and how long it can basically stumble along kind of since launch and hey it’s still going with no signs of being shut down anytime real soon so I think it’s made it longer than anyone thought it would at this point. But I really hope if it continues it’s not just rushed character tie-in after character tie-in because then even I who have put hundreds of hours into this game and still play it somewhat regularly, may finally decide it’s time to really stop adventuring with these heroes.

That’s all for today, I have been playing Disney Mirrorverse the last couple of weeks and will post impressions on my next post so look for that in the next few days. See ya real soon!



All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.

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All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.