Marvel’s Avengers: Slow Dancing in a burning room…

There is no question it’s been a long hard road for Square Enix’s big superhero game Marvel’s Avengers. However, with a new generation of hardware out there and a next-gen update, there is a real chance to gain back some momentum from the slow months of last year and the drip-feed of content.

However, even with this possible momentum, the answer they have is to make the endgame even more of a grind? That players were maxing out their characters too fast? This sounds like the worst solution to this “problem” possible.

I’ve spent over 100 hours on Marvel’s Avengers. While I haven’t played enough to get the best gear or unlock the best costumes, I have max-leveled every single character and had fun doing it. Part of the reason is that the progression didn’t take forever. I don’t see how slowing that down entices players one bit. Make the endgame content more compelling. Maybe offer enemies to fight beyond Taskmaster and Abomination time and time again.

Granted, the new update with Hawkeye shows a new villain finally in The Maestro, but that’s really just a different Hulk skin, and assuming you even fight him it would probably be a similar fight to the ones you’ve presumably had many times with Abomination as hey, those are similarly-powered beings.

The other issue with the big content update being Hawkeye is well, we just had a Hawkeye. Kate Archer. Super fun to play, but she’s also an archer with a sword and I’m not sure how different they can make Clint Barton to make it not just feel like we are doing what we did in December all over again. It just helps feed that repetitive feel. I know circumstances probably affected the content release plan badly, but it really feels like these two pieces of separate content should’ve been released as one package or at least in very short order one after the other to avoid the feeling of same-ness.

I’ll certainly check out the content update in about two weeks and give some impressions, heck I’ll probably even have fun with it myself as I’ve basically accepted Marvel’s Avengers is repetitive and flawed but hey I already own it, there isn’t a ton of new games out and it can be fun to just wail on robots and AIM henchmen while listening to a podcast. But it’s not going to win any new fans over or bring backed lapsed ones with such uninspired new content and a major move seemingly designed to really stretch out the hours required without anything for it.

The level grind, even if it is currently the same amount from level to level, was already one of the most complained about aspects, and it’s not because of the grind really, it’s because what the grind is centered around. Until Square Enix really fixes and addresses that, Marvel’s Avengers has no chance to regain any real footing and any window to do so is closing in incredibly fast…

That’s all for today, but I definitely have at least one more piece planned for the weekend so see ya real soon!



All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.

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All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.