Marvel’s Avengers: Credits for my real friends, units for my sham friends

Though I hadn’t really been planning on writing about it again until the big Battle for Wakanda expansion, after a couple of months off, I really started delving back into Marvel’s Avengers in the last few weeks. There’s new content to play (there’s actually a big update that happened just yesterday with new high-end content and this weekend the game is free to play on Playstation, Steam and Stadia for people to try out with a pretty big XP bonus.

But while I’ve been getting my power levels maxed out or close to that and gaining championship levels, I’ve noticed something that really badly needs to be addressed: a currency has become completely worthless.

So let’s break down what is one of Marvel’s Avengers most controversial aspects, the currency/resource system. Looking at it from the outside it sounds maddeningly complex and pointlessly complicated. But it’s really not all that, you have resources, which are things that while you can buy, are easy enough to gain through playing missions and are used to upgrade the equipment you can gain through said missions. There are a lot of different types of resources to gain sure, but I haven’t paid one cent for resources and I’ve never had an issue getting enough resources to upgrade my loot as needed, just need to play a few missions. I’ve never felt like upgrading my gear takes too long.

Then there are the currencies. There are two currencies: Credits and Units. Credits are the real money currency, you can gain some Credits through playing the game and completing objectives, but for the most part, if you want a decent amount of credits you’ll have to pay some real money into the game. Like I said you can get resources this way but it feels really unnecessary so Credits are mainly relegated to cosmetic things like emotes, costumes, and takedowns. I honestly think the cost of the stuff is mostly too high but that’s another column for another time.

The real issue here is the Units. Units are a completely free currency much like resources you earn through the course of completing missions. Units are only for cosmetic stuff. Since Marvel’s Avengers launch there have been cosmetic things you can buy with Units and cosmetic things you can only buy with Credits. And hey that’s fine, it’s cosmetics, it literally does not affect anything in the actual game.

The problem is at some point it was decided that units weren’t really going to be a thing anymore. Maybe the developers thought it was encouraging people to not buy cosmetics that cost real money, maybe it was an attempt to streamline the currency system, whatever. This is not actually what I have a problem with. Dump a currency it’s fine. The problem? The currency of Units still totally exists in the game and you gain them through completing missions and can’t really do much of anything with them. There is one vendor on the helicarrier outpost that you can use them at, and while when the game launched she had a pretty decent variety that refreshed quite often, now she only offers like four things at a time that rarely if ever, refresh. So Units are basically useless.

I don’t think this is a difficult step here, it’s just really annoying to be earning a currency that is literally worthless. Either dump it completely (which is perfectly fine) or make it good for something like trading it in for resources or actually make that one vendor that makes it worth going to again. Maybe this will be addressed in the upcoming Battle For Wakanda expansion next month, but just DO SOMETHING WITH UNITS PLEASE even if it’s literally getting rid of them completely.

That’s all for today, will definitely be posting again next week though so see ya real soon!



All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.

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All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.