Five Disney Characters Insomniac should make a game about

Insomniac Games is bar-none of the best game developers out there today. They’ve always been pretty rock-solid but between the recent Spider-Man & Ratchet & Clank games, they’ve proven themselves to be a developer to be truly excited for what’s coming next. And we pretty much do know what is coming next thanks to the recent PlayStation showcase. A new Spider-Man game and the pleasantly surprising announcement of a Wolverine game should get everyone excited. Still, one can’t wonder what such a talented developer could do with other Disney characters and properties, so I came up with five of those I’d love to see Insomniac make a game for, however unlikely the odds are of making it happen.

#5. Blade

If Insomniac can do a Wolverine game (and I’m fairly confident they can do an amazing Wolverine game), they can do an amazing Blade game. Not that Blade and Wolverine are extremely similar, but it’s that darker, grittier, and bloodier side of Marvel you aren’t as used to seeing. And sure, Blade absolutely kills vampires and all other sorts of enemies with a sword, but he also has gadgets. Lots of very fun and inventive gadgets with a supernatural bent.

Insomniac excels at cool weaponry, so I’d love to see them take their turn at all kinds of cool gadgets infused with garlic, UV rays, silver, and whatever else Blade uses to fight the most demonic monsters in the Marvel universe. It’d be a ways off obviously, but I’d be pretty damn excited if Insomniac announced they were doing a Blade game after their Wolverine game.

#4. Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is insanely perfect fodder for a videogame. And it’s not like Disney is ignoring this property. It’s made numerous appearances in videogames in recent years, just ended one show and has a new one coming to Disney Plus in the near future, so it’s definitely something that Disney isn’t just letting sit in their massive IP vault collecting dust.

Spiritually speaking, Big Hero 6 is probably the closest thing to Ratchet and Clank on this list. The two properties share a pretty similar sense of colorful sci-fi family-friendly comedy adventure. Probably a good part of why I enjoy the movie so much in the first place. There’s a lot of ways this could play out. It could be a game primarily focused on Baymax and Hiro, but I’d love to see it be an ensemble game where you could play as all the members of the team and use their various abilities, maybe even a game where you can just switch out what character you are playing as on a pretty regular basis, either at will or at specific checkpoints. It’d be ambitious, but I think Insomniac would be up to the challenge and the feel and style of Big Hero 6 is right in their wheelhouse.

#3. Iron Man

The best representation of Iron Man in video games you’ll find today is in Marvel’s Avengers. And it’s a pretty good Iron Man I’ll say. But Marvel’s Avengers isn’t an Iron Man game, it’s not focused on him and therefore isn’t really showcasing his abilities like a solo game starring Iron Man could.

In fact, while Iron Man has been represented fairly well in games where he has been part of a larger cast, his solo efforts have been either mediocre or so bad they pretty much killed licensed tie-in games as we knew them (Iron Man 2). It’s long past time that changed.

Iron Man has a ton of cool suits with different abilities and I think Insomniac would love to play around with that toolbox and see what they could come up with. Iron Man also tends to have a good snarky sense of humor, which I feel Insomniac could capture really well without it feeling overdone. Iron Man is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel universe today and he deserves to finally have a good game and Insomniac is just the developer to make it.

#2. Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck may actually be the least gadget-based character on this list. Sure, he has a gas gun and a grappling hook, and a couple of cool vehicles to use, but that’s actually about the extent of it. Despite being a very James Bond/Batman-inspired character, he doesn’t use nearly the amount of gadgets those characters tend to.

Honestly, though it’s just been far too long since we’ve had a Darkwing Duck game (because also, we should have one every few years goshdarnit) and with the recent excellent use of the character in the fantastic Ducktales reboot, it’d be great to get a new game starring Darkwing Duck, made by Insomniac Games.

And as much of a fan as I am of the original show, I think it would be more fitting to base it on the more recent take on the character, and incorporating that origin story. Especially if we never see a Darkwing Duck spin-off of Ducktales, this would be a great way to explore ideas and plot threads introduced through that show. Insomniac definitely seems like a studio that likes their Marvel games now, but this could also be a good way to poke some light-hearted fun at their own efforts as that is basically what Darkwing Duck is. I’d buy a new Darkwing Duck game day one regardless, but if Insomniac was behind it, I’d also be confident it’d be really great.

#1. Kim Possible

It’s not even so much that I am a fan of Kim Possible (though it is an excellent show) but more so that Kim Possible is such an ideal fit for Insomniac Games, it’s kind of a shame they didn’t make a game based on the show during its run. But Kim Possible is still a popular franchise all these years later, so why not make a game based on the property, maybe renew interest and get a new series or at least a new animated movie on Disney Plus going?

Everything about Kim Possible from the gadgets to the silly somewhat self-aware villains and even the color schemes all fit things I think really identify as trademarks of an Insomniac game. It’s just a ridiculously perfect fit. And there have been good Kim Possible games, several, in fact. But not one that has really lived up to the potential you saw on the show, frankly. This is arguably the least likely entry on this list which is sad because I think it’s the most perfect fit out of virtually anything in Disney’s vast IP library to be a videogame made by Insomniac Games.

And that’s the list. Will any of these properties ever be given a go by Insomniac? Well, I think Iron Man has about a 50/50 shot but the others seem far less likely. We can dream though. That’s all for now, see ya real soon!




All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.

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All about Disney games, past present and future. Mix of reviews, opinion pieces and anything else that fits here.

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