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5 min readSep 30, 2022

Well we are almost a month into Disney Dreamlight Valley being out in early access, and odds are if you have been playing this game as obsessively as I have, you a nearly out of task-basked content. I’ve only got a couple of friendships left to max out and then I’m probably taking a break for a little bit.

The good news is I look very forward to returning to Disney Dreamlight Valley when new content drops and it won’t be too horribly long from now as it’s been confirmed that Scar from The Lion King will be added in the coming weeks and not too long after that we’ll be seeing Toy Story content as well so this is not a game I won’t touch for 6 months because there’s nothing new to do.

Of course with these characters coming, it makes me think of what other franchises, and characters within those franchises I’d love to see represented and hang out with in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so here are five I’d really like to see that I also think would make a lot of sense for the game as well:

#5. Luca

Luca is possibly my favorite Pixar release of the last couple of years, but there’s more reason than that to make this franchise and some of its characters a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game is all about chill and cozy vibes, and Luca is absolutely a movie that fits that mold as a “slice of life” type of movie. Plus, I can imagine the cast just chilling on the beach alongside characters like Donald Duck, Ursula, and Ariel that also make their home in that area. It just feels like an incredibly natural fit.

#4. Chip and Dale

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a lot of classic Disney characters to hang out with right off the bat, but two very iconic characters that have been around for decades seem oddly absent even though they would definitely be a perfect fit and that is the loveable duo of Chip and Dale. A huge part of Disney Dreamlight Valley is gathering various naturally occurring things be they spices, berries, wood, etc. and that seems like something these two could be heavily involved with. Arguably the most iconic and enduring characters that seem like a natural fit to be in this game so hopefully they are included at some point.

#3. Hercules

So I really like Hercules, but honestly, there's only one reason I really want to include this franchise as a pick for Disney Dreamlight Valley. One really interesting thing Disney Dreamlight Valley does is that it has villains. And these aren’t villains who are suddenly nice people. They have plans and schemes and are definitely doing some shady stuff and by doing their quest lines you are actively helping them achieve these shady goals.

For that reason alone, I would love to see Hades as an addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley. You could have Herc, Meg, Phil, etc and that would be nice but Hades would easily be the most interesting and compelling addition to the cast and would fit in quite nicely with the likes of Ursula, Mother Gothel, and Scar (who will be in the game shortly). The villain component of Disney Dreamlight Valley is easily one of its more interesting ideas and hopefully, they keep adding from Disney’s vault of classic villains over time.

#2. The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the Frog is one franchise where I can easily see most if not all of the cast fitting right into Disney Dreamlight Valley quite easily. Tiana could have her restaurant and be close friends (or even a competitor) with Remy, Prince Naveen can pal around and possibly be friendly rivals with Prince Eric, and Facilier can scheme along with all the other villains in the valley. Even Louis could be swimming around, occasionally busting out his trumpet for a performance. It could even be timed with either the Splash Mountain retheme or the series titled Tiana set to release in 2024 but regardless The Princess and the Frog crew should definitely be a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

#1. Encanto

Granted, as Disney’s most recent mega-hit there’s some recency bias with Encanto, but it’s also an almost supernatural fit for Disney Dreamlight Valley and it’s easy to explain why. While I want the entire family Madrigal included, the main thing would be the magical house from Encanto. This could easily be a very long and involved quest line where you are rebuilding the magical house room by room for each family member and the house just grows and grows as you complete it. Plus the valley in Disney Dreamlight Valley is already a super mystical place full of wonder and Encanto just fits that mold super well.

More than any other franchise on this list this seems like more of a when than an if given the huge popularity so maybe when Disney Dreamlight Valley goes free to play next year we’ll get some kind of roadmap that includes it with a little luck.

And that’s five franchises I’d really love to see come to Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are things like scope to consider, we don’t want to have the valley and characters be so huge it takes hours to get stuff done, but at the same time, the need for new content is strong. Maybe thoughts on how to balance that out are an idea for a future blog entry. That’s all for today and see how there isn’t a ton on the horizon for Disney-related video games for a bit, this blog is going to take a break for a little while, though I may post if something breaks or even if I just suddenly have a really good idea I need to get out of my head and onto this blog. I will certainly be back posting in December around when Midnight Suns is set to release, so see ya real soonish!



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